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Public Engagement via Facebook and Twitter

Front Flip is integrated with Facebook and Twitter so you can grow your marketing database and turn online followers into in-store customers. You can also connect with your biggest social influencers, track brand mentions and keep tabs on customer sentiment. 

Social Boasting

Loyal customers who receive a reward from your business can share their good fortune on Facebook and Twitter, directly from the Front Flip mobile app.

When you consider that your customers average 300 Facebook friends and 200 Twitter followers, every social mention can have incredible reach for your business. It's a great way to build brand awareness and attract new customers through word-of-mouth marketing.


Social Sharing

Front Flip mobile offers are social-enabled so you can acquire new customers through referrals from your loyal fans.

Encourage customers to share your mobile offers with up to 5 Facebook friends. When shared offers are redeemed, your customers' friends become part of your mobile marketing database, and you can reach out with targeted offers to keep them engaged with your business.


Branded Facebook Apps

As a value-added service, Front Flip can deliver a branded Facebook app for your business that allows you to capture social followers in your mobile marketing database.

Customers must "like" your Facebook page to unlock a Front Flip QR code, which they scan to play for special offers. Once a customer joins your Front Flip program via Facebook, you can continue to engage them with personalized offers on their mobile phone.


Social Management

The Front Flip Command Center tracks all social mentions through the Front Flip mobile app. You can see exactly what customers are saying about your business on Facebook and Twitter, and you can reach out directly to reward positive comments or remediate issues.