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Front Flip Setup for Restaurants

General Information
Primary Contact *
Primary Contact
Enter the attention-grabbing reward that you want to display on your Front Flip materials. This is something you will give in VERY limited numbers, so don't be afraid to use a bold offer!
Enter any terms and conditions for your headline reward.
Enter the odds of "winning" your headline reward.
Instant Rewards *
Select 1 or more rewards to promote new products or motivate guests to purchase something extra. Customers will play for these rewards each visit by scanning your QR code with the Front Flip mobile app.
Enter any terms and conditions for your instant rewards
Enter the odds of winning an instant reward. Your setting here will not apply to your headline reward. (If you have multiple instant rewards and want to use different odds for each, indicate that here.)
Instant Reward Redemption Period *
Select the length of time an instant reward should remain active on the customer's phone before it expires and disappears.
Automated Gifts
Enter the offer you want to send customers when they join your Front Flip program. They will receive the offer only once.
Enter the offer you want to send customers on their birthday. They will receive your offer only once per calendar year.
Enter the offer you want to send customers who have not visited in 30 days.
Enter any terms or conditions for your Front Flip gifts.
Gift Redemption Period *
Select the number of days your gifts should remain active. Once a gift expires, it disappears from the customer's phone.
Turn On Mobile Surveys *
Do you want to prompt customers with a 3-question survey after they scan your in-store Front Flip code? If yes, we will provision your account with feedback questions for your restaurant type. You may change these questions or add your own at any time.
Feedback Time Delay
Select the length of time (if any) that you'd like to wait before prompting customers with a mobile survey. If you select 30 minutes, the customer will receive a survey request 30 minutes after they scan your Front Flip code (in-store only).
Please carefully review your information and click submit