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Targeted Mobile Outreach That Increases Visit Frequency and Sales

Front Flip is much more than a loyalty program. It's also a powerful mobile marketing platform that allows you to:

  • Target specific customers based on demographics, behaviors and events
  • Reach out with personalized mobile offers to drive visit and purchase behavior
  • Win back guests you haven't seen in 30, 60 or 90 days
  • Quickly capture new customers in your marketing database
  • Integrate mobile offers with existing social, email and print campaigns

Front Flip becomes a rich CRM for your business, enabling you to understand your customer profiles, reach out with personalized messages, track offer performance over time, and make strategic, informed decisions. 

Automated Offers

Targeted mobile marketing is simple with Front Flip. Just set it and forget it. Activate the types of offers you want to employ, and the Front Flip Command Center does the rest of the work for you, sending automated "gifts" to customers based on data triggers you control.

Use automated offers to:

  • Welcome new customers who join your Front Flip program
  • Reach out to guests who haven't visited in 30, 60 or 90 days to invite them back in
  • Recognize customers on birthdays and special occasions, like Mother's Day or Valentine's Day 
  • Thank customers who mention your business to their friends on Facebook and Twitter 

Mobile Campaigns

Front Flip campaigns allow you to get extremely targeted with your mobile outreach, connecting specific customers with personalized offers based on demographics and behaviors. Campaigns are one-time promotions you can send to customers once a month, every month.

For example, you can:

  • Launch new products or special events to specific customer segments
  • Target your weekday lunch crowd and give them a great reason to come in for dinner
  • Go after Millennials with a gift they can share with up to 5 friends

With Front Flip, you can target customers by age, gender, location, visit frequency or day part. No matter which customer segments you want to engage, Front Flip gives you the tools.


Marketing Integration

To make your traditional marketing campaigns more interactive and engaging, add Front Flip to the mix. Use Front Flip QR codes in print and digital media to capture new customers in your mobile marketing database.

Our clients have integrated Front Flip into:

  • Facebook and Twitter promotions
  • Email, direct mail and Valpak
  • Newspaper and magazine ads
  • Receipt paper and other POP material
  • Posters, billboards and other signage

Every person who scans a marketing code is captured in your Front Flip database. From there, you can reach out with targeted mobile offers to drive visit and purchase behavior.


Offer Management

In the Front Flip Command Center, you have complete control over automated offers, campaigns and marketing integration. You can update your mobile offers at any time (even after you've sent them out to customers), and your changes take effect immediately. Also, you can track redemptions to see which offers are performing best for your business.

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