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Front Flip for McDonald's

Loyalty + Marketing + Feedback + Social

Front Flip is working with McDonald's franchisees across the US and internationally. We combine loyalty rewards, targeted local marketing, customer feedback and social engagement in a fun and exciting program for your restaurants.

Here are some of the results we've delivered for Todd Luther and his McDonald's restaurants in Colorado:

  • 15,000 customers have opted into his Front Flip program over the last two years
  • 10-20% sales lift on items promoted to customers in the Front Flip mobile app
  • 14% redemption on bounce-back rewards, which drive repeat visits within 7 days

Based on the results we've delivered for Todd and other franchisees, we believe Front Flip would be an excellent program for your McDonald's locations. Please complete our contact form, and we'll call to walk you through the program.

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Check Out This Success Story

McDonald's Franchise in Fort Collins, CO

“We're engaging our customers more than ever, and they enjoy and appreciate it. The extra smiles and sales prove it.”

— Todd Luther, franchisee

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