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In-Store Engagement That Turns Passive Guests into Loyal Fans

Front Flip creates a direct, trusted connection between you and your loyal customers. We make it fun and easy to build your customer database, reward guests for frequent visits, introduce them to new products and keep them coming back for more. Unlike boring punch cards that clutter your customers' wallets, Front Flip turns loyalty into a dynamic mobile game—an exciting experience your customers will love.

Instant Rewards

Front Flip delivers instant rewards through a unique Digital Scratcher, which looks and feels just like a lottery ticket on a mobile phone. Each visit, customers can scan a Front Flip QR code to unlock their Digital Scratcher and play for special offers, like $2 off an appetizer or a free upgrade. 

Instant rewards are a great way to:

  • Inject surprise and delight into your customer experience
  • Promote new products and limited-time offers
  • Steer your customers toward higher-margin items
  • Motivate them to boast on Facebook and Twitter when they receive an offer

Every time a customer unlocks a Digital Scratcher on their mobile phone, their visit and profile data are captured in your online Command Center. From there, you can reach out with targeted mobile offers to drive future visit and purchase behavior.


Earned Rewards

Coming soon, Front Flip will introduce earned rewards, allowing you to increase customer loyalty and shorten time between visits. Customers will scan an in-store Front Flip code to check in and earn credit for their visit. After a set number of visits that you define, the customer will receive a special offer right on their mobile device. Rewards earned at your locations are valid only with your business. 

Loyalty Management

In the Front Flip Command Center, you have complete control over your mobile rewards, including offer details, redemption time frame, terms and conditions. You can also update your rewards anytime, and changes go into effect immediately. Plus, you can monitor customer visits and redemptions in real-time.

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