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Front Flip for KFC

Loyalty + Marketing + Feedback + Social

Front Flip is working with 40 KFC franchise groups around the country, including Harman Management and KBP Foods. We combine loyalty rewards, targeted local marketing, customer feedback and social engagement in one simple program for your restaurants.

Here are some of the results we've delivered for KFC restaurants:

  • 140,000 KFC customers have opted into the Front Flip program (across all participating locations)
  • 23% response rate on a Dip'ems product survey, issued through the Front Flip mobile app
  • 21% redemption rate on bounce-back rewards (compared to an industry average of 1-3% redemption for paper coupons)
  • 50% Millennials within the Front Flip customer base, a target demographic for the KFC brand

Based on results we've delivered for our KFC clients, we believe Front Flip would be an excellent program for your restaurants. Please complete our contact form, and we'll call to walk you through the program.

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