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Customer Experience

Your customers download the Front Flip mobile app for for iPhone or Android. Every visit is an opportunity for them to earn instant rewards just for visiting. You can send exclusive offers directly to the mobile phones of participating customers, capture valuable insights, and create engaging digital relationships.



Customers Play  for instant rewards from their favorite brands and businesses. They just scan the Front Flip code with their smart phone to unlock a Digital Scratcher. 



Receive personalized offers in the Front Flip app, just for being a great customer. Unwrap them like a gift to reveal exclusive savings and special invitations.



Guests can provide private feedback on their experience in real-time. Survey them with a few quick questions during each visit to stay in tune with sentiment.



Front Flip is even more fun with friends. Guests can share mobile offers, boast about rewards and invite friends and family to get in on the action. Digital word-of-mouth!

mobile app


  • Free mobile app for iPhone and Android devices
  • Not available for Windows phones or non-smartphones
  • If customers scan with a generic QR code reader, they will be directed to a Front Flip download page
  • Location services are required so customers can find your location nearby

redemption process

Front Flip's universal redemption process is POS agnostic and includes visual fraud controls. Train staff on our simple best practices to provide a great customer experience for participating guests.

In Store Material Displays

Front Flip offers a deep catalog of in-store material options. Start with the material kit designed for your business category and customize as much as you need.