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Social Gifts

Targeted Mobile Offers That Increase Frequency and Sales

Imagine driving your customers back for just one additional visit per quarter. This could have a huge impact on sales. When it comes to visit frequency, Front Flip social gifts are an incredible tool. Use them to drive quick bounce-back visits, to invite customers in for special occasions and to win back guests you haven't seen in a while. 

Want to attract new customers? Make your Front Flip gifts sharable, and encourage customers to spread the love to their friends. It's word-of-mouth marketing at its best. 

Automated Gifts

Reaching customers with targeted mobile offers is fast and easy with automated gifts. Just set it and forget it. Enable the types of automated gifts you want to employ and define your offers, and the Front Flip Command Center does the rest of the work for you, sending offers to your customers automatically based on specific data triggers.

Automated gift types include:

  • Welcome gifts for new customers who join your loyalty program
  • Win-back gifts for customers who haven't visited in 30, 60 or 90 days
  • Birthday and holiday gifts
  • Gifts for customers who boast about your business on Facebook and Twitter

Gift Campaigns

Front Flip gift campaigns allow you to get extremely targeted with your mobile outreach, connecting specific customers with personalized offers. For example, you can target your weekday lunch crowd and give them a great reason to come in for dinner. Or you can go after Millennials with a gift they can share with up to 5 friends. Whatever types of customers you want to target, Front Flip gives you the tools.

Use gift campaigns to:

  • Increase visit frequency with limited-time offers
  • Promote special events or new menu offerings
  • Target specific demographic segments within your customer base
  • Fill seats during slower day parts

Gift Management

In the Front Flip Command Center, you have complete control over automated gifts and gift campaigns. You can update your offers at any time (even after you've sent them out to customers), and your changes will take effect immediately. Also, you can track redemptions in real time to see which gifts are performing best for your business.

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