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Front Flip for A&W

Loyalty + Marketing + Feedback + Social

Front Flip is working with A&W franchisees in nine states, from California to Michigan. We combine loyalty rewards, targeted local marketing, customer feedback and social engagement in a fun and exciting program for your restaurants.

Here are some of the results we've delivered for Dee Jay's QSR, Inc. and their A&W locations in Kansas and Missouri:

  • 17,500 customers have opted into their Front Flip program in only 8 months
  • 13% redemption on bounce-back rewards, which drive repeat visits within 14 days
  • 51% Millennials (18-34), a target demographic for the A&W brand

Based on the results we've delivered for Dee Jay's QSR, Inc. and other franchisees, we believe Front Flip would be an excellent program for your A&W restaurants. Please complete our contact form, and we'll call to walk you through the program.

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Check Out This A&W Success Story

Dee Jay's QSR, Inc. in Kansas and Missouri

“More customers rely on their mobile devices. Not all customers remember to bring in a paper coupon, so Front Flip is a great opportunity for them to have some type of promo at their fingertips all the time.”

— Brian Johnson, president and CEO of Dee Jay's QSR, Inc.

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